Thankful for Snow

Good tidings and good timing for the snow to finally arrive on Mackinac Island!

The beginning of this week started out rather dry and lacking any snow at all. I was still pretty content biking to and from work every day, knowing that we would soon be seeing more snow on the ground. But this time of year always makes me wonder, when the snow falls, will it stay?

We had already had one or two days of light snowfall, only to see it melted by the afternoon. And we’ve certainly had our share of late winters in past years as well. I was biding my time and crossing my fingers for an earlier winter than those. Thankfully, that seems to have been the case for us this week, as it seems to be for many other places in Michigan as well!

By the time we had gotten to Wednesday, there was at least enough snow on the ground that I didn’t feel safe riding my bike anymore (I had a bad slip and fall off my bike one winter, and I’m afraid to ride on snow knowing there could be ice under it), so at this point I’m walking to and from work every day. Turns out the walk wasn’t as bad as I was expecting! I was so used to having a short commute to work since I used to live downtown, but the excursion from up the hill to school turned out to be a fairly breezy 30 minute walk, give or take a few minutes. I enjoy biking home and having that time to myself to think, turns out it feels no different to me when I’m walking, either.

By the time Friday rolled around, the snow had fallen and melted by the afternoon once again. But the expected forecast was painting a different story for the weekend, and by the time I had made my way back home after work, heavy snow was starting to cover the roads. Steady snow that never stopped. Walking on Lousignon Trail to avoid the icy road made for a very quiet walk, knowing that snow absorbs the sound around you, and I instantly felt like I was in another world. Thankfully, I got to wake up to that, too.

Now because of all the uncertain weather earlier in the week, I opted to forgo using my camera for pictures and relied on just my iPhone, which is what you’re seeing in my blogpost today. However, now that the weather seems to be evening out, and that I’ll be more mobile with the use of my snowmobile, I’m hoping to carry my camera along with me on my next few adventures outside the house.

Until next time,