Thanksgiving Pictures

First snow of the season! This is around Noon:
And after about an hour:


The goose keeping warm:


This year, my brother Lee and I weren’t able to go up north and join the rest of the family for Thanksgiving because of work. So, we had a gathering of friends at Lee’s and his roomate’s house, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We all pitched in and brought a dish, while Lee’s roomate, Blake, cooked some excellent mashed potatoes and a huge turkey.

My deviled eggs! A big hit at the party:


The table, and the party:


Lee with the finished turkey!


After dinner, we were so stuffed and decided to take a short break:


Lee chillin’ with a glass of wine, and his roomate’s cat chillin’ under the chair:


My newest obsession, The Settlers of Catan! I want to buy my own:


After dinner we split up into two teams, and the 1st and 2nd place winners of those two groups went into a final round together, while the rest of us watched “Get Smart.” Then we watched “Wall-E,” cleaned the dishes, then went home. It was definitely a fun and fulfilling Thanksgiving!

I didn’t do much today, it was an easy Sunday. I did walk to Kmart to buy some TP, then to the gas station across the street for the Sunday newspaper. Wallgreens had some good coupons in there, so I cut ’em out. Then I figured out which channels I get on the tv, looked it up in the tv guide section, and sorta mapped out what I can watch this coming week when I’m home. I read my book, knitted, messed around on myspace, and now here I am! Watching “Monk,” and blogging. Going to bed soon too. Actually, now 🙂