Fall Skies

Some pictures of Mackinac Island during my daily bike rides:

The marina on a foggy morning

For those of you who may not know, I just started a new job this week as the Secretary at Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church here on the island. I’ve had a wonderful first week on the job so far, as everyone has been very helpful and supportive! One of the nice things about this job is my little commute all the way through town, and getting to see some of the above pictures during this time of year.

An illuminating view of the Mackinac Bridge, right after school.

It’s always easy to recognize the change in season, but sometimes Halloween comes and goes so quickly for me. Not this year! I’ve realized that Halloween on Mackinac Island is the holiday that never ends… we celebrate Halloween downtown on the third weekend of October, which is when most of the island businesses close up. Kids from all over (including Mackinac Island) come to our downtown and go trick-or-treating, where businesses hand out candy and enjoy the cute costumes. Then, we celebrate Halloween at the school on the actual day of Halloween. THEN, we hand out more candy on the night of Halloween, when island kids get to go trick-or-treating around all the island residents and homes. What a fun time!

I always try to be creative with my costume for Halloween. One year I was Tinkerbell and even made my own wig for the costume. I donned retractable fangs as a vampire another year and amazed everyone at Halloween parties (even though you couldn’t understand a word I said with those fangs in). And last year, I had fun dressing up as a guitar. But for this year? With the addition of a warm, red velvet cape, and some new decorations of red plaid ribbon (among other things) on my bike basket, I believe Little Red Riding Hood is going to be my best bet.

I made sure to be ready for Halloween this year!

The Halloween festivities aren’t for another couple of weeks, however, so there’s still plenty of other things to enjoy while on Mackinac Island. Next weekend, the Grand Hotel will be hosting their Big Band Weekend, a fun event that involves lots and lots of ballroom dancing! I admit, I haven’t been dancing for several weeks now, and it’s about time I put my dancing shoes back on again. On top of that, there are many places downtown are having great sales, which means it’s a good time to start shopping for gifts, souvenirs, and Christmas presents too! If you’re like me, you’ll do your shopping right about now!

… for those of you who have enjoyed the beautiful Autumn sunset of Northern Michigan, I hope to post more pictures tomorrow of what I’ve been seeing here on Mackinac Island. Stay tuned…