Daddy, I Want The Golden Ticket!

More scenes from this year’s Mackinac Island Fudge Festival, plus the golden ticket winner at May’s Fudge Shop!

Since Saturday was such a special day, I wanted to make sure to put out the best message about our fudge. What better place for a message than IN the fudge itself? Now my brother, Lee May, does an excellent job of creating numerous messages and atwork in the fudge, and I have a long ways to catch up to his expertise, but I’m starting with letters and working my way up… to smiley faces!


My half sister, Tienne, thought that it might be fun to put the smiley face on the right side instead of the left. Now my ‘yum’ becomes ‘yum-o!’
Continuing my new design, I was able to double the amount of loops on top of the fudge since my last try. They’re almost like little chocolate waves!


From 3-5pm yesterday was the start of the “Daddy, I Want the Golden Ticket!” event, and just five minutes before the start, we had a line of people starting to form:


An hour and a half later, we had our winner! David Lyons from Traverse City, MI found the golden ticket in one of three boxes that he purchased at May’s.


Stacked ‘Golden Ticket’ boxes just waiting to reveal which one has the ticket

Throughout the day, however, we were busy making fudge. I have an assistant from China named Clark who has become one excellent cook! Every day, he stirs the fudge over a hot fire:


Clark will also stir the fudge with the long paddle whenever I need to give my arms a break!


Another influential person at May’s Fudge shop is my older half sister, Tienne Mathews, who pretty much taught me everything I know. If I ever have a question about how to make anything at work, she’ll be the first person I ask (well, next to our dad).



Quite possibly the best double chocolate fudge I’ve ever made
The best way to end the day is with a well shined-up copper kettle… the sunset to my work day! šŸ™‚